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of our student population receives financial aid. We believe everyone deserves a quality education.

5 : 1

student to teacher ratio. We believe every child should be seen, heard, and attended to.


students of color. We believe diversity is an important aspect of our school environment.

What makes EACMSI different?

At The Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca we prepare children for leadership in an equitable, just and peaceful world. We are committed to transforming the world through the education of children and continuously reevaluate our practice to meet the ever unfolding demands of the future.

Peace curriculum

We teach children to advocate for themselves and others, to speak the truth from their hearts and to value the perspectives of others. We center community and relationships above all else and nurture both with care and vigilance.

Every day, EACMSI students:

Probe deeply.
Think critically.
Work collaboratively.
Communicate respectfully.

Our community

We aim to build a community where difference is recognized and celebrated, not just tolerated, and inclusion rather than assimilation is the goal. Our intention is to create a community that affirms each individual’s identity so that they may be a full participant in every experience offered.

Ages 3 – 14

Not many schools begin with a three year old and grow them into adolescence. Ours is a responsive environment that adapts to the changing developmental needs of each age while providing the specific matter necessary to nourish each being along the way.

Learn by doing

There is nothing passive going on at EAC! Whether digging for fossils, planting seeds, conducting experiments, or creating presentations, EAC students are active participants in the construction of knowledge.

Full STEAM ahead

Cornerstone elements of STEAM education are identical to elements of the Montessori Method for over 100 years. Hands-on, personalized, and project-based learning.

Watch our Admissions 2021-22 Webinar

We suggest that families interested in Admissions for 2021-22 watch this Q&A Session with EACMSI Principal, Laura Gottfried and Executive Director Lisa Smith.


Montessori education: more than an alternative…


Our changing world requires a learning approach that is proven, grounded in science and flexible enough for children from all backgrounds to thrive with joy. Montessori schools create environments that allow children to reach their full potential.

The mission of Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca is to prepare children for leadership in an equitable, just, and peaceful world.