Curriculum Matters: January 24, 2016

2016 is off to a great start!
The youngest children are independent and more social than ever. They are loving the new science areas that are full of opprotunities to experiment. Using a large bowl of water they test what objects sink and float. With a balance they test what things are heavier and lighter. With a flashlight, mirror and prism they experiment with reflecting and refracting light. With a magnet they classify items as magnetic or non-magnetic.
The oldest children are taking off with their love of and ability to write. They were fascinated with life and the animals of the Artic regions and chose to write about whales, polar bears and penguins.
Meridith and Leah’s Class
 The winter weather has brought much joy to the children on our playground. They are sledding and diligently shoveling the patio.
Last week we celebrated Martin Luther King day. The children learned about how Dr. King effected change by using peaceful means and powerful words.
We discovered that we are all peacemakers too!
We have started our exploration of the physical sciences of magnetism, light, balance, and whether objects sink or float. The children show such fascination and focus as they experiment with the physical sciences materials.
Donyan and Virginia
We are studying Asia and are making beautiful fingerprint cherry blossom art. 
We are creating Origami and making records of new flags. The many beautiful objects from Asia are brightening up the dark winter days.
Children are also enjoying using the Montessori bells to grade sounds and practice scales.
Liz and Sarah
We began our study of Asia this week and the children are now enamored of pandas and komodo dragons.
Writing samples from two Extended Day students:
Ons upon u tim u letl boy cist u rabt. Then he got sic. Then he nedid to sta in bed 4 100 yers.
(Once upon a time a little boy kissed a rabbit. Then he got sick. Then he needed to stay in bed for 100 years.)
Wen my famuley had a baby my famuley felt hapeey. I held the baby. The baby was my litl sistr. The baby cride. My parins namd hr Lou. Then Lou trnd wun. Wen Lou wuz wun hr first wrd wuz mommy. My mom has crly har. Lou has strat har. Lou has bais. Lou groo Lous first tooth wen Lou wuz too. Lou groo ten mor teeth. My daddy has the job of a bildr. My mommy has the job of a teechr in cornel. To day Lou is thry.
(When my family had a baby my family felt happy. I held the baby. The baby was my little sister Lou. The baby cried. My parents named her Lou. Then Lou turned one. When Lou was one her first word was mommy. My mom has curly hair. Lou has bangs. Lou grew Lou’s first tooth when Lou was two. Lou grew ten more teeth. My doddy has the job of a builder. My mommy has the job of a teacher at Cornel. Today Lou is three.)