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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees works to ensure the future well-being of EACMSI. Trustees are responsible for financial oversight of the School in conjunction with Executive Director, Lisa Smith. Trustees serve up to two,  four year terms and are elected by the current Board. The following constituencies are represented: current parents, former parents, faculty and administration.

Voting Members

Lakshmi Bhjoraj, President (Finance, DEI)

Sam Conway

Mike Cyr, (Committee on Trustees)

Sital Kalantry, (TBD)

Carolyn Lee

Peter Littman, Vice – President (Finance)

Beth Mielbrecht, (Development; 40th)

Leslie Sagan, Secretary (DEI)

Tony Simione,  (Development)

Jennifer Tegan, (Committee on Trustees; Finance)

Sarah Wicker, (Development)

Laura Gottfried, (Development; DEI)

Non-voting Members

Lisa Smith, (Finance; Development; 40th)

Anne Robbins, (40th)

Terry Cater Cyker, (Faculty liason)