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Science & Technology

The study of classical subjects in science: biology, physics, chemistry, and geology begin with hands-on lessons in our Primary classrooms. We introduce topics typically considered too advanced for small children thus preparing them for a lifetime of discovery.

Beginning with sorting objects for the youngest child, and extending all the way to engaging in debates about climate change in Middle School, our Science curriculum provides students with many opportunities to focus on the process and issues of science: the study of life, the laws and structure of the universe, and the work of scientists. Students learn to ask questions, follow a systematic process of observation, collect and analyze data, and conduct controlled experiments.

EACMSI recognizes that 21st century classrooms integrate technology as a component of historical study and as a valuable learning tool into the curriculum. Our goal is to provide students with both foundational knowledge and skills for innovation, and a thorough understanding of the moral responsibilities that accompany technology use.

Technology use is incorporated into coursework with increased frequency, as is developmentally appropriate. By graduation from EACMSI, students are using spreadsheets and databases in math, earth science, and the occupations, and exploring programs like GarageBand in music. Teachers and students are using the Google Classroom platform to communicate about assignments and provide resources. Additionally, EACMSI offers mini-courses and an After-school club focused on programming and coding.

At this point in our history, as we face climate catastrophe, it is EACMSI students, and other youth practiced in systems thinking, who are best prepared to develop the technology and innovation to protect the natural systems they studied so thoroughly over many years and integrated into their identities.