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Classroom Observations

We are now accepting applications for the 21-22 academic year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not allowing observations until further notice.

The Binomial Cubes is a fundamental work in all Montessori classrooms.

Lower Elementary lessons are designed to awaken the imagination, stimulate curiosity, and arouse admiration for the innovative capacity of the human spirit.

We anchor language study in Montessori pedagogy; the prepared environment and explicit lessons in spoken language, phonemic awareness, writing, and reading.

With hands-on materials, students make discoveries as they move from the concrete to the abstract through manipulation, experimentation, and invention.

Students do works with concrete materials leading to conceptual understanding and a foundation for later work in abstract terms.

Our Science curriculum provides students with many opportunities to focus on the process and issues of science: the study of life, the laws and structure of the universe, and the work of scientists.

We strongly encourage prospective families to observe our classrooms in action as it is the only way to see our method come alive. You are welcome to stay for an hour or a whole morning, after which you’ll meet with an Administrator who can answer any questions you might have.

Children are not allowed to observe classrooms as it is too distracting for our current students.

Fill out a form to schedule a classroom observation or contact Anne Robbins at arobbins@eacmsi.org or by calling 607-277-7335.

Classroom Observation Form