Caryn Davies

I attended Montessori for kindergarten and 1st grade in 1987-88.  Since then I have competed in the Olympics three times in rowing: Athens 2004 silver medal, Beijing 2008 gold medal, London 2012 gold medal.  I graduated from Harvard in 2005 and I will graduate from Columbia Law School next spring.  After I graduate I will be clerking for a federal judge in Hawaii.

Elena Wicker

I’m studying at Cornell University and I am a Physics and Government double major (focusing in International Relations and Astrophysics). I am playing varsity polo and generally loving college. I spent my summer climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and riding horses across the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Jeff Clement

After leaving EAC Montessori in 2002 after 10 years as a student, I attended Dewitt Middle School and Ithaca High School. Immediately after graduating from IHS, I enrolled at Cornell University and studied environmental science and business. During my time at Cornell, I had incredible experiences studying abroad in Spain and Iceland. In June of 2011, I was thrilled when Andrea invited me and several other alums to participate in the school musical. I will always look back with fond memories of those few weeks with Andrea. Having graduated this past May (2012), I moved to Brooklyn where I am currently working for a startup company that tries to use business to make a positive social impact. I am looking forward to developing my career around sustainability and staying in touch with EAC Montessori along the way.

Amber S. Harris

I attended Montessori from 1983-1990. I attended the school when it was in Cayuga Heights and remember breaking ground at the current King Road location.  I was in class with Elizabeth Clune and remember her fondly.

I stayed in Montessori until 7th grade when I attended Dewitt middle school and later IHS.   I got into four art schools but wanted more diversity in my education and chose to attend Colorado College in Colorado Springs and later transferred to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM.  I eventually settled on American Signed Language as a career and was a Signed Language  interpreter for 5 years.  I eventually went back to school for an MBA with a focus in policy and planning so that I could combine my passion for sustainability with business.

After 15 years in New Mexico I recently moved back to Ithaca for a job as a project manager with Performance Systems Development.  We build software for Energy efficiency programs and utilities. I attended Andrea’s memorial and really enjoyed hearing from those close to Andrea.

Jonathan A. Eziquiel-Shriro


  1. B.A, Economics – University of Rochester – 1999
  2. Masters Fine Arts, Industrial Design – Rochester Institute of Technology 2009

Current work: Product Designer for Case New Holland, the industrial division of Fiat (I design tractors and construction equipment)
Currently live: Chicago, IL
Favorite country visited so far: France
In the garage: 2011 Miata, 2011 Mini
Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, French
Top hobby: Cooking
Cats/Dogs: Dogs!
Loves: Foggy summer mornings
Can’t live without: Smartphone (Android)
Best memory of Ithaca: Climbing the waterfalls in summer
Most important thing in life: Close friends and family!
3 Favorite musicians: Deadmau5, Robyn, The Beatles

Sarah Markowitz

I’m an assistant professor of psychology at Wells College. I am also a licensed clinical psychologist in part-time practice in Ithaca. I have a sixteen-month-old son named Tobias (who will be starting his own Montessori career at Ithaca Montessori School in January).