Andrea Riddle

Andrea Riddle is the facilitator/liaison/support person for parents, teachers, and children at The Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca. Andrea has a BA from Ithaca College in Special Aspects of Early Childhood Education. She received her Montessori training at AERCO/Ithaca and taught at the primary level for eighteen years and at the elementary level for seven years. Andrea completed the adolescent training course at The Montessori Academy in Minnesota in 1996.

One of Andrea’s specialties is music. Her training includes thirteen years of piano proficiency, two years at the Manhattan School of Music, one-year at the Ithaca College School of Music, and workshops in Dalcroze, Orff, and Sanford Jones (Montessori) approach to teaching music. She is the director of our all-school musicals.

Andrea has been among the staff of teacher trainers at the Center for Montessori Teacher Training in North Carolina, as a presenter of classroom management skills and “making magic in the Montessori classroom.” Andrea also trains and supervises many of the Ithaca College interns who work as part-time assistants in the classrooms. She has served as a consultant for the Montessori School of Maui, The Montessori School of Syracuse, The Cayuga Heights Montessori Children’s House, Integrative Montessori in Dryden, The Ithaca Montessori School, The Montessori School of The Fingerlakes and The Dream Project, a non profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in the Dominican Republic. She has served as a consultant as well at a Montessori pre school program which has been named in her honor at the Caraballo Haitian Batay. In addition to her commitment to children, fourteen years ago along with her husband Ron, Andrea rescued a timber wolf, named Chance who died last September. The Riddles successfully created what animal behaviorists call an interspecies pack. This past March they welcomed another rescue into their home . . Bernie, a 125 lb. Saint Bernard!!!!