April 27, 2014


Liz and Sarah’s Primary and Extended Day Classes: 

This week we started the study of dinosaurs.  It’s the unit where the children are typically the experts and we learn a tremendous amount, and this year is no exception.  We are having a wonderful time with in-depth group discussions, lively “Dinosaur Stomp” dances, and animated singing of the Dinosaur song composed by our very own Melani Fuchs.






Dinosaurs lived long ago, they’re now an extinct kind.

We learn about the time they lived by what they left behind.


Apatosaurus thunder lizard wanders through the swamp,

Eating trees and bushes with the great triceratops.

Triceratops three horn face tromping through the forest,

Shares the vegetation with the covered lizard stegosaurus.


And Pteranodon sailed the skies and dove beneath the water,

To catch the fish that swam there.  He had no teeth his jaws were bare.


Tyrannosaurus Rex the scavenger lizard king, 

Went over land and into swamp to see what the hunt did bring.

He ate the other dinosaurs they all would be his feasts.

Spinosaurus was the biggest of all; he was the king of beasts.


Dinosaurs lived long ago, they’re now an extinct kind.

We learn about the time they lived by what they left behind.



The Extended Day children had a wonderful opportunity a few weeks ago.  Liz Shuhan, professional flutist and mother of Nathaniel, performed several pieces for our class.  She then set up a flute studio and gave each student an introduction and private flute lesson.  On behalf of the entire class we extend a big thank you!


Meridith and Leah’s Class:


The children are learning about the continent of Europe. We have explored some of the different artists and art forms and have started a group project inspired by Matisse.

We’re singing songs in French (Frere Jacques) and German (Alle miene entchen).

There has been an explosion of creativity. The children have been inspired to share ideas and stories through picture story books with the highlight of reading them at our end of the day group time. Favorite Europe books like Madeline and Ferdinand have been replaced by the children’s stories.


Our cooking from Europe is Irish Soda bread.
Donyan and Virginia’s Class:

Welcome Chloe! We have a new student in our classroom! She is a spirited and delightful addition to our community and already adored by all of us!

Our cultural studies have taken us to the land down under and our science studies have rocketed us to outer space! With both of those adventures we worked as a class to make a layered art piece of the coral reef, filled with jelly fish, clown fish and many other sea creatures. We also created our own universe using shapes from our geometric cabinet to create planets and rocket ships.

We our now having adventures through Europe exploring art from Piet Mondrian, Vincent Van Gogh and Matisse.

Dinosaurs our out on our shelves as we are just beginning our explorations of other times.

Spring is in the air! Children are practicing to identify birds and their songs.

Children are delighted and focused as they craft beautiful crowns for our upcoming May Day celebration.

The Flower Carol

Spring has now unwrapped the flowers

Day is fast reviving

Life and all her growing powers

Toward the light is striving

Gone the iron touch of cold

Winter time and frost time

Seedlings breaking through the mold

Now make up for lost time