April 6, 2014

What is stirring in Upper Level this month?


S is for Stories of fungi and spores, filled with scientific facts plus imagination galore.

 P is for Periodic, the Table of Elements we mean, and the research we’re doing to share and be seen.

 R is for Rocks, the rock cycle revealed, and a timeline of formation that we’re crafting with zeal.

  I is for Indus, the ancient valley civilization, we created and shared google slide presentations.

 N is for Neurons, that connect and grow, we’re exploring enhancement of our own learning flow.

G is for Gilgamesh, one of four myths we’re adapting in a way that is cool, so we can share a fun puppet show with the rest of the school!
 You might have noticed by now, we have spelled out the word Spring, because we’ll do just about anything to help the sun sing!