Becky Booth

Lower Elementary

Becky Booth grew up in Germany, attending both German and American Schools. She moved to the U.S. to attend the University of Kentucky, where she majored in Elementary Education and minored in German Linguistics. After graduating she worked in a Montessori school that only had Primary classes. It was there that she discovered her love of the philosophy. While the school made plans to expand it’s program to include a Junior Level, Becky went to Xavier University to get a Masters in Montessori Elementary education. She designed the Junior Level environment and curriculum for Providence Montessori School in Lexington Kentucky. She taught there until the birth of her first child and subsequent move to Gainesville, Florida. Since then Becky, her husband Jim and their three children have had the wonderful opportunity of living in Canberra, Australia, Fort Collins, CO and finally Ithaca in 2003. Originally it was only supposed to be a one year stay but Jim, her husband was offered a permanent position. Becky decided to check out the local Montessori schools, and immediately felt a connection to EAC. She started subbing in primary and Junior Level, and once her children started going to college took a full time position teaching in Junior Level, working with Scott, Deb and Mel. ¬†After a two year sabbatical, during which she lived in Connecticut, Australia and spent time with her new grandson, she is looking forward to rejoicing the EAC community in the 18-19 school year.