Buddy Program

As builders and shapers of community we want all of our students, from youngest to eldest, to have the opportunity to engage with each other in meaningful ways. We want differently aged students to interact deeply enough that they actually learn from each other and care for one another intimately. As our school grew, expanding from one building to our current three-building campus, we carefully put in place a vehicle for fostering these connections.

Every year children of different ages are paired into younger and older “Buddies”. Ideally children keep the same Buddy for a number of years so that a bond is formed that continues to grow over time.

Regularly spaced throughout theĀ  year, we have all-school gatherings to ensure that children of all ages have the opportunity to gather. These pairs invite each other to lunch and/or recess, meet at Thanksgiving to feast together, find each other for a tour of the ice during the Valentine’s Day skating party, sled together during the Winter All-School Recess, and send each other little notes during the year.