Curriculum Matters: April 26, 2015


Liz and Sarah’s Class

In celebration of Earth Day we sang songs and read a poem called Our Big Home.

Extended Day read a book that is written as a letter to the Children of the Earth from Mother Earth. Children listened intently and participated in a thoughtful discussion, culminating in the children writing letters to the Earth.

Dear Mother Earth, I Love you – your rain, blue skis, and gentle grass that we lay upon.


I love Mother Earth.  I love it that I am living on you. Do you love me? Of course I do.  You’re my friend.


Dear Children, do you know that you make a big difference on Earth?  I noticed that before you came here there was no pollution.  I want it to keep being like that.

  Dear Mother Earth,

I hope you are being loved and you are being good.

We love you Earth.  We will stop polluting so that the sun can shine everyday.


We must take care of cats that are big and small and all animals too!


We must take care of penguins and baby penguins too.


Lets make a robot that makes trees in Antarctica and other places.


I want to pick up garbage.


I hope the panthers don’t die.  Panthers are sneaky.  They blend in with the shadows.


Dear Children, tell your friends to tell their parents to stop polluting and throwing cans in the water.


O.K. that’s is enough.  Now do you see that you are killing animals?


I love you Mom of Earth.  Animals are beautiful.


Mother Earth, I like your trees and all of the rest.


Dear Mother Earth, I love you and I will take care of you.

Leah and Meridith’s Class

Our class has been learning about the continent of Europe. There is such a great variety of foods and art and music from Europe. We’ve been busy in the kitchen making pizza and German pretzels. Thanks to Felix Thoemmes and his mom (Oliver’s dad and grandmother) for bringing in the German pretzel project! Next week: Irish soda bread!

The children are collaborating on a Matisse inspired art work as well as our project for the art show.

One of our favorite Europe songs is the duck song from Germany


Donyan and Virginia’s Class


The Earth is our Mother,

We must take care of her.

Hey yanna, ho yanna, hey yan yan.


Her sacred ground we walk upon,

With every step we take.

Hey yanna, ho yanna, hey yan yan.


The Earth is our Mother,

She will take care of us.

Hey yanna, ho yanna, hey yan yan.


We are currently studying Europe and excitedly exploring models of castles.

 Spring has now unwrapped the flowers day is fast reviving

Life and all her growing powers toward the light is striving
Gone the iron touch of gold
Winter time and frost time
Seedlings breaking through the mold
Now make up for lost time
Spring has finally sprung! Even with the chill in the air, we are singing songs of spring and celebrating the return of the birds.
Children are busy creating works of art for the upcoming Art Show.
In the science area children are creating Solar Systems with art as well as building materials.