Curriculum Matters: April 3, 2016


Scott and Deb’s Class
We have shifted our focus of study in science, away from the invertebrates and on to the vertebrates in the animal kingdom. This is a great time of year to see amphibians as they head to the ponds and lakes to reproduce.
Our focus in history is on the geological timeline of the earth. We are studying the Hadean. Archean, and Proterozoic eons right now.
In geography we have left S. America for Africa and Europe. We are looking at the many cultural, and other contrasts in life forms from these continents.
Lots of roaming the building asking adults to answer survey questions….”What’s your favorite color? Food? Animal? Continent?”
 Looking forward to an anticipated field trip to The Museum of the Earth and Purity ice cream…
Dawn and Katri’s Class
So happy that spring is here!  The joy the children feel when shedding winters layers is obvious to all as they run and tumble all over the Field of Dreams. We were even able to enjoy outdoor PE this week!
So many new lessons…
-Studying volcanoes and the way they have and continue to shape our planet.
-Science experiments focusing on suspension and viscosity.
-As we look at history: graphing the ages of family members, graphing birthday months, and timelines of human civilizations.
-Lots of story writing with beautiful illustrations and wild tales – to be shared at April’s upcoming Art Show!
Melani and Becky’s Class
Our students are enthusiastically  studying invertebrates. Children are sorting, drawing and researching shells and the animals that lived in them.
We are working our way through the periods of the paleozoic era and are discussing and examining rocks and fossils.
Children are sifting sand and finding fossilized sharks teeth! Obviously a class favorite…
 Students are focusing on their research projects for longer periods of time, proof positive that executive functions are successfully developing.
We took advantage of the beautiful weather to hold our first weeding session.  We have adopted the garden bed directly in front of our classroom and are responsible for its upkeep. This is a big responsibility and we’re up for the challenge! All donations of tools and/or gloves will be much appreciated.
In geography, the Lions are memorizing the states and their capitols. The Tigers are working with the pin maps and the Bears are finishing their study of biomes and locating famous places around the world.