Curriculum Matters: December 18, 2016

Junior Level
      In Mel and Sophia’s class, children are finishing work!

Children are making big leaps in math: double digit multiplication on the Large Bead Frame, as well as double digit division! Everyone is working on memorization of math facts.

Students are writing descriptive personal narratives. 
The study of our Solar system is everywhere! The floor and walls are filled with posters of the planets, and outer space.
We are starting our study of Dewali in preparation for the Festival of Light.
We hope to see you there…
In Dawn and Katri’s class, we are studying Kwanzaa for the Festival of Light. Miles Allen, Liz’s so, has been teaching us an African dance from Ghana. It is complicated and fun and we can’t wait to show you!
We are studying stars and constellations, telling time and studying the Timeline of Life.
We are learning how succulent plants reproduce, looking at animal parts, the 5 kingdoms anybody functions of animals.
Children are engaged in research, both short and long depending on ability and practicing cursive.
In literature groups we are working on inflection and interpretation and learning how to deepen our understanding of what we are reading.

Deb and Scott’s class finished exploring physical science and have begun looking at how humans organize living things – 5 (or 6) kingdoms.
– we talked about how scientists are always making new discoveries – began exploring prokaryotes and looking at some specimens under a microscope – will be moving on to protists next
-after studying various aspects of astronomy we have landed on Earth – looking at layers of the earth and will be studying rocks and minerals, volcanoes after the break
-moved from learning how to read maps and begun our continent studies – we started with North America and have looked at political and physical geography – will be starting biomes after break