Curriculum Matters: December 6, 2015

Junior Level
Dawn and Katri’s Class

We have been having fun with our read aloud – “Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher” by Bruce Coville
and enjoying “literature” groups.
In lit groups we take turns reading aloud, practicing comprehension skills and learning reading strategies.
We have finished up lovely Time of Day books in Picturing Writing and will be moving next to winter painting techniques and drawing people and animals as preparation for story writing in January.
We are looking forward to working on our presentation for the upcoming Festival of Light!  We will be creating props, doing related crafts and learning more about the culture. Ask your children for more information in the coming days!
Scott, Deb and Ria’s Class
We have landed on earth! We are moving from the solar system to our wonderful planet.
We are studying rocks, volcanoes  and the layers of the atmosphere.

We are beginning our study of N. America. This will include political maps and biome studies.
We are preparing for the Festival of Light and cutting fancy snowflakes.
Lots and lots of writing going on:  poetry, similes, haikus, and cinquains.
Melani and Becky’s Class
Energy abounds after Thanksgiving break!
Test Tubes, a delicate Math material, are now being 
 used on the floor which requires everyone to walk carefully…
Almost all of our Time of Day books are complete. They are beautifully painted and poetic, waiting to be on display in the 2016 Celebration of the Arts.