Curriculum Matters: February 7, 2016

“The fact that Montessori children learn so much so quickly is ultimately not what it’s all about…What it’s ultimately all about is enchantment with the world.”                           (Louise Chawla)
“Nothing more is required than to lead the children into these wild, outdoor spaces, where they will make their own   discoveries.”                 (Phoebe Allen)
Studies show that children’s play is more creative in the outdoors…
“When touched by the natural world, this hidden microcosm of attention, will, imagination, and intelligence tends toward a fiery interest in every part of life, an enthusiasm for the outer world.”                              (David Kahn)

“Ecological literacy is driven by a sense of wonder, the sheer delight in being alive in a beautiful, mysterious, bountiful world.”
                                  (David Orr)
“When the child goes out, it is the world itself that offers itself to her.”
             (Maria Montessori)
 “A marvelous, mysterious, and wonder filled world awaits us in the prepared environment of wild, unmanicured spaces.”   (Pheobe Allen)
Dr. Montessori came to believe more and more that, “a deep intimacy with the natural world was not only very healing for the child but prepared him/her well for his/her relationship to society, to the human family.”                                       (G. Leonard, K. Allen)
“They (the children) need the contact of nature herself, for without this reality we do not have a point of reference for life.”                                                                                                             (Orcilla Openheimer)
“The ultimate goal is to create schools and programs that preserve this enchantment with the world as their foundation.” (Chawla)