Curriculum Matters: Harvest


“If you tickle the earth with a hoe
 she laughs with a harvest.”
                                                                                                  Douglas Jerroid
If we could be the best versions of ourselves, we would hold every single moment cradled in our mind’s eye, each experience would have our total attention and, as a result, all things would become sacred. 
If we could be the best versions of ourselves, we would be ever mindful of our bounty and thanksgiving would be our way of living every day. 
If we could be the best versions of ourselves, we would inhale our good fortune and exhale our gratitude with every breath.
After all, ours is a community of plenty and we have much to be thankful for.

We gathered today as a whole school to share our midday meal. We gave thanks to the earth and the rivers and lakes. We gave thanks to the trees and the wind and the sun. We gave thanks to those who came before us and thanks to each other.*
We gathered as a whole school to share our midday meal and promised to learn how to stay in balance with all the earth. 
We ate chili made by the Junior Level students using local beans.
We had potato-kale soup made by the Middle School students using locally harvested ingredients. 
We dined on bread and butter made from scratch by our Upper Level students and apple crisp made by Primary students using apples grown by our Latin teacher Allie.
The Andrea B. Riddle Center was dazzling: tables set for 240 by our Middle School students and decorated by our Primary students with bouquets of  golden stars, moons and suns.
 Children sat in “buddy pairs” to enjoy the rewards of this communally prepared meal.
They sampled the end results  of their shared work, bathed in the warmth and light of the glorious day.
Montessorians often refer to the work we do as “sowing seeds”- we try to provide experiences for children that will take root at some point in their future. We sow a huge quantity and variety of seeds knowing that not all will take root. 
Perhaps the seeds sown today, of shared work and a bountiful harvest feast, of a mindful series of moments at a midday meal, perhaps those seeds will burst forth one day and grow into the best version of our children-humans who cradle single moments in their mind’s eye,
who give each experience their total attention and who make thanksgiving their way of living every day. 

I wish you all a wonderful harvest,
*from the poem by Dolores Lachapelle