Curriculum Matters: January 11, 2015


Primary/ Extended Day
We are so grateful that we are going out to recess when it is 15 degrees or warmer.  This would have been a week with no fresh air, but with the new policy we actually were able to run, play and have fun outside a few times.  It has been a peaceful start to the New Year with smiles and fun stories of winter vacations.
In the Science area we have been studying the human body and nutrition.
Next week we will begin our study of the physical sciences, a real favorite.  Children will explore magnetism, reflection, refraction, energy and weight.  We will do experiments to discover what things sink and what floats, what is magnetic versus nonmagnetic, and states of matter.
In Geography we are continuing to enjoy researching the animals of the Arctic Region and trying to imagine how it would feel to live on a land that is extremely cold with little light.  Frankly it isn’t hard to imagine right now in Ithaca.  We also love walking on the line in penguin slippers, balancing an egg safely on the warm fur.  The stories of how the mother and father penguin work together to raise their young is heart warming.