Curriculum Matters: January 15, 2017

Student’s Speak:
“Love is love is love is love,
 and love cannot be put aside.”
(In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., our Middle Schoolers offer advice to President-Elect Trump.. )
“Is it really great to live in a country where no outsiders are welcome?”
“Instead of building walls and fighting people, build bridges and welcome people.”
“Mr. Trump, with our country in your hands, prove to us that you are going to be an amazing president and person.”
               “Handle yourself with
          respect, kindness and grace.”
           “Consider the total effect
  of what you say and how you say it.”
              “Think before you act.”
“Think about other people
 before yourself and remember that there are multiple ways
 to do a lot of things.”
“Listen to people more experienced than you.”
“Global warming is real
 and you need to take action.”
“Please be more accepting of people’s race and beliefs.”
“Be open to other’s opinions. It’s good to see another view, one you might not have seen.”
“You have a lot of power now: use it wisely.”
“Listen to people who disagree with you.”
“Twitter is not be the
best information source.”
“Think about what you say and what people will do
 when you say it.”
“I think that somewhere,
deep in your heart,
you know that racism
and sexism are wrong.

You know that not all Muslims are terrorists.”

“Please don’t mess up our country.”
“Do not use (our country) and then discard it like a plastic bag. Take care of it so that it comes to our hands in good condition. Heed my advice because history has its eyes on you.”
“Think before you speak and, certainly think before you press
the button that starts a nuclear war with Russia.”
“Be open-minded. Be humble. Be good to the Earth. Reduce pollution.Try ti instill peace in others and treat all people of the world with respect and understanding. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”
“Your words have power. Use them wisely.”
“ man people have their voices taken away from them, are shunted under the table and treated unfairly. Some people are discriminated against because of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation – because people fear what they don’t know.
                There is no freedom or bravery in these actions.”
“Be aware that you did not win the popular vote. Don’t be Putin’s puppet, and make friends with a transgender black person.”
“Remember: With great power
 comes great responsibility.”
” The world is counting on people who are willing to stand up for what’s right. Please, be one of those people.”
“Don’t ruin the world I am growing up in…”