Curriculum Matters: January 18, 2015

Junior Level
Deb, Scott and Laura’s class:
We moved from studying the solar system to studying the Earth and its composition (volcanoes, rocks, biosphere) in preparation for our study of the geological time-line.
We have also been exploring the many different ways that humans mark time and began our study of the continents by looking at the political boundaries and physical characteristics of North America.                                                                                                         
After investigating the plant kingdom, we looked closely at the microscopic world of bacteria.  Learning how to use a microscope is always a favorite!
Melani and Becky’s class:
We made pea soup to represent the oceans of the early Archean Eon!!! Other than Becky’s soup being delicious, the look of the soup and ingredients, it was a hit.  3,800, 000,000 years ago, early oceans roiled with carbon,  hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen as these elements began to combine and form chains called  ‘CHON Chains.’   In its simplest form, these interactions were the beginning life on earth and of the  first “sort of cells.”
Many beautiful pictures are being drawn and illustrated by the Bears, in their first work with the biome materials. The Tigers are working with the biomes as well –  writing paragraphs about what they have learned. The Lions are working in pairs to accurately place pins in the locations of countries, cities and and and water forms on the seven continent Pin Maps.
Dawn and Katri’s class:

We are starting off the new year by looking at time from a variety of perspectives: 

                BIG… The Clock of Eons – the history of our earth over the last 4.5 billion years, compared to a 12 hour clock. Can you believe that 1 hour on the clock is equal to 375 million Earth years?  As part of this exploration, Friday 1/23 we will be taking a trip through the Earth’s geological history at the Museum of the Earth.

                 SMALLer… The Fundamental Needs as expressed from early humans to today.  The Bears are looking at what these basic human needs are, as the Lions delve deeper by focusing on one of the needs as it has expressed through the major periods of human history.  

                SMAller still… Calendars – The Tigers will be studying the history of our current calendar and the origin of the names of the months and days of the week.  We will be looking at family timelines, personal timelines and graphing classroom birthdays.

                 Smallest… The clock and telling time!