Curriculum Matters: January 26, 2015


Upper Level

The Upper Level Class continues to deepen our understanding of relationships and connections by exploring globally and acting locally.

The global exploration includes the third year students finishing up their investigation of Chinese culture and making their way into Africa- beginning this transition with a recent visit from the Johnson Museum which focused on Dogon art and architecture.


The second year students have begun a geographic and cultural investigation of Ancient Egypt and the Nile River Valley. 

Our first year students are heading into the mountains for physical geography, plus crossing the Beringia land bridge to explore the indigenous cultures of North America.

On the local level, the whole class is having fun and getting creative thanks to the leadership of our class officers and the open-minded nature of our Friday afternoon class meetings.
All seventy students gather together, led by a small group of their peers, to get up to date on relevant events, plan for upcoming activities, dialogue about community concerns, and celebrate one another. 
To be in a room where a large group of intelligent, young individuals come together, listen to one another, speak with confidence, and act with grace, courtesy and just the right amount of silliness is truly inspiring.