Curriculum Matters: January 29, 2017

Donyan and Virginia’s Class
We have hit the ground running in 2017.  Children have been very busy building numbers with the golden beads, building words with the moveable alphabet, and exploring parts of the human body!
There has been an explosion of map making with push pinning happening here, there, and everywhere.
Older children are now guiding younger children through short work cycles and gaining confidence giving lessons to and checking younger children’s work.

We are reading stories about human rights and peace.  We have been focusing on peace songs and activities, as well as practicing kindness to ourselves and others… BIG WORK!
Liz and Meridith’s Class
We are studying Asia. The children are
 decorating the room with lanterns, red and gold banners, and flower arrangements. We are singing songs in Chinese and Japanese and are always eager to learn more if you have a song you would like to share with us.

A. invited his parents to our class and we learned the significance of the greeting, “Namaste.” They also gave us a lesson on using chopsticks and we are all practicing, eating fried noodles and goldfish with our chopsticks!

Extended Day is eager to celebrate Chinese New year, the year of the rooster. We made red envelopes and filled them with a lucky penny.  We read The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiacand learned the meaning of each sign and the sign for each of our birthdays. Friday we prepared chinese dumplings and they were scrumptious.
In Art they created a beautiful dragon and on Monday we will travel throughout the school in our annual Dragon parade, singing and wishing everyone good fortune, health, and happiness.
Leah and Becca’s Class
Children were so happy to return to school after the break, reuniting with friends and teachers, jumping right into work and routines.
We are also studying Asia, gearing up for cooking projects to practice our chopping and cooking skills as well as explore new flavors.
The classroom is filled with sounds of children singing Zou San, a Japanese song about an elephant and its mother, and the sounds of clicking chopsticks picking up fried noodles.

We are enjoying the snow, children helped JP roll a snowball that was bigger then them!
The children have been drawing their own mandalas, as well as creating paper lanterns and flower drums in anticipation of Chinese New Year.