Curriculum Matters: January 8, 2017

Upper Level
Students returned to school with boundless energy and enthusiasm. They were eager to share the hard work done on independent reading projects over vacation. The care and detail of many of these endeavors is hard to put into words. Our children love to create!
Enthusiasm was definitely present during the launch of this year’s research paper project. All topics have been picked, resources chosen and adult/student mentors have been assigned.
Younger students are mentored by older students who share their experience and expertise with younger peers. Students ask for help from their mentors as well from teachers. They share strategies and stories of past experiences. This collaboration also supports the idea that everyone is in it together, thus creating more enthusiasm and excitement.
Everyone enjoyed the little bit of snow on the Field of Dreams and students were overjoyed when they found huge expanses of ice to play with/on.
          Primary talking points:
          Antarctica, the Polar Regions and the               human body.
Junior Level talking points:
Rocks and Minerals
Protists and Prokaryotes
Fundamental Human Needs