Curriculum Matters: June 14, 2015

One of our most beloved events, the EAC musical, brings our school year to a close. Founder Andrea Riddle loved musical theater as a child and brought this passion with her to EAC.


Junior Level Tigers, Lions and Upper Level students are given the opportunity, if they wish, to audition for a part in the play. Older children create sets and props. Select 3rd year Upper Level students work as stage crew- you can see them stealthily sneaking on and off stage all dressed in black.
Those Junior Level Lions and Upper Level students who opt out of a role in the play work in teams to create documentary films about the play experience.This “Tech Crew” also includes students who will video tape the play itself, and run the light and sound panels during the show.
To prepare for the opportunity that will come their way the following year,  a huge rite of passage at EAC , Junior Level Bears prepare and present their own play. This year’s Bear production will be a student created reenactment of the Timeline of Life. Becky, Scott  and Marianne P. are guiding with a gentle hand and lots of encouragement as students brainstorm choreography, casting, prop and costume design.
Our objective in this immersion is twofold: to offer students the opportunity to practice performing and expressing themselves confidently on a stage and to provide a venue for all children to work together towards a  common goal.
We expect each child to support every member of the cast and to bring his/her best self to the experience. Through this process school spirit is brought to an all time high as children and adults become enchanted with the magic of the year’s musical. It is a hallmark of the end of the year when students and adults are heard breaking into song at all times of the day!

We hope to see you at The State Theatre on June 19th when The Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca presents this year’s all-school musical- Shrek Jr.!