Curriculum Matters: March 1, 2014

Demonstration Night

Once per year Junior and Upper Level students choose a favorite material from the curriculum to present during Demonstration Night. Over several days, children practice with the material to master the process from a teacher’s perspective.

Students write a script to organize what they will say in order to ‘give the lesson’ in a way that is clear and concise.
Students practice enunciating slowly and with clarity.  They strive to reach a point when they can deliver the lesson from memory.

Students are encouraged to look their ‘student’ in the eye and communicate their love and interest for their work in an engaging way. Each child delivers their lesson to teachers,  peers, and younger and older students before their official Demonstration Night. It is lovely to see the care an older student extends to his/her younger “teacher”.

During Demonstration Night students give lessons to a handful of parents-many of whom they do not know.  Their poised and confident presentations are a wonderful introduction to the Montessori Method.
From a curricular perspective, some of the most important  skills learned – both in preparation and in delivery- are foundational to becoming a strong public speaker.

At EAC, we consider public speaking one component of a well rounded education. We begin this thread of curriculum in Primary and follow it through our student’s entire EAC experience.

The ability to speak publicly with confidence develops over time and with lots of practice.  We ask our students to memorize and recite, introduce a friend or family member, share in a large group community circle, participate and answer questions during lessons,  read aloud in literature group and to demonstrate mastery in front of others. Many of our students play an instrument in the band, every student sings in one of our choirs, with some children even playing or singing  solos. Every year older children audition and perform on stage in our end of the year musical.

All of these experiences culminate in our Middle School Graduation when EAC students deliver their own graduation speeches to a packed auditorium.