Curriculum Matters: March 22, 2015

Meridith and Leah’s Class
We celebrated the Lunar New Year with delicious dumplings made by our afternoon class. Everyone tried them and most everyone LOVED them!
Our study of Australia lead us to the Great Barrier Reef. The children created a vibrant and diverse selection of sea creatures complete with tentacles and slime trails. What a beautiful and interesting world we live in!               
We took advantage of the below zero wintery weather to make frozen sun catchers! They decorated our playground with splashes of color. We were not sad to see them melt in the sun that warmed our cheeks!
Liz and Sarah’s Class
Over the past few weeks we have gone on a couple of virtual field trip to Pakistan. One of our students is there visiting family. They took us to the Anarkali Bazaar, a large and busy market in Lahore that is over 200 years old.  The shopkeepers were very happy to give us a tour. This week we were invited as virtual guests to a wedding!
Next week we are starting new areas of study. In Geography we are traveling to the continent of Europe, and in Science we are exploring the solar system.
Donyan and Virginia’s Class
The Primary and Extended Day classes are exploring land and water forms. Using molds of different forms, such as lake and island, cape and bay, isthmus and straight, children are able to fill the molds with water or marbles that allows them to have a sensorial experience with each form. Children enjoy adding different life forms to their exploration, fish in the water, kangaroos hopping on the land. Singing the song “Down By the Bay” is a fun way to celebrate the experience!
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