Curriculum Matters: March 6, 2016

Primary/Extended Day
Our classrooms are all abuzz with the study of Australia. Students are loving all the work involving the animals of Australia. This ranges from matching work to research. Did you know that the only monotremes in the world live in Australia and New Guinea? It’s true- the platypus and echidnae are both Australian. These are the only mammals that lay eggs.
Children are doing lots of work focused on coral reefs and the beautiful life found there.

A highlight of February happened during a recent indoor recess. Primary/Extended Day students entered the gym to find it partially occupied by Middle School students engaged in their Shop Occupation. They were building a wooden bench “from scratch! And they were using power tools! And, best of all, they told us what they were doing and how they were doing it!!!”
Primary/Extended Day students – and teachers – are really hoping to have one of those awesome benches find it’s way onto their playground.