Curriculum Matters: March 8, 2015

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”
                                                                         G. Chesterton
Full Circle
How lucky are we that this year – for the second time in EAC history – we have an alum who has come back to work at our school. Julie Shaeffer, who spent her elementary years at EAC, has been working in our Primary classrooms and in After-School. While spending this year training to win a spot on the women’s national rowing team, Julie is contemplating becoming a Montessori teacher.
Julie says, “For most of us, visiting an alma mater can be particularly nostalgic; smells and sounds that tickle the recess of our memories, class projects that still grace our childhood classroom, and in my case adoring teachers and a mentor whose encouragement are, to this day, unwaveringly wise and supportive.
For myself, as an EAC alum with some of the most wonderful childhood memories housed in this magical place, coming back has been something like a dream.
I was welcomed back to EAC this fall as a Primary assistant and After-School teacher. In November, I added the role of coach to my EAC repertoire after students eagerly shared their excitement for building a basketball team.  
Over the last few months our school has resonated with school spirit, laughter, and delight as we practiced skills, formed teams, and ventured out to play in the larger Ithaca community.

Co-coach and EAC Board member Becky Robinson and I could not be more proud of how this team of young athletes has represented our school and served as proud ambassadors of our beloved EAC Montessori.”

Photos courtesy of Dave Burbank