Curriculum Matters: November 1, 2015

Upper Level
Fall in Upper Level is marked by two exciting events – community elections and the Halloween Carnival.
For about a month, Upper Level students immerse themselves in democratically electing their leaders.
First, there is a discussion highlighting the qualifications needed for the various offices and positions. Then, nominations are made and the campaigning begins.
Students create slogans and posters and deliver speeches to convince their peers that they are the best candidates for the job!  Upper Level students – of course – make their points without mudslinging or negative campaigning.
It is very exciting to see so many students put themselves forward and vie for a leadership role.  What great courage it takes to risk being measured by your friends and classmates.
Students who put themselves forward but do not win a position are held in high esteem and appreciated for their willingness to run.
Once elected, the new officers undergo training before they take on the responsibilities assigned to them. Librarians open the library, clan leaders hold clan meetings and the store is open for business.
In preparation for the Upper Level annual Halloween Carnival, teachers select students who will be asked to take on leadership roles inn crafting the event. Students are asked to oversee the carnival, develop the Haunted House and acquire items for the Bake Sale.
Students work in peer led committees to make sketches of the set up, create supply lists and gather necessary items.
Upper Level students engage in heartfelt discussions as they consider how best to gear the day towards the needs of the younger EAC students. They know it is their responsibility to make the day work for their young guests. This necessitates deciding what would make the experience memorable for Primary and Junior Level students and then putting this into practice- even when doing so means a less exciting experience for oneself. Big stuff for 9 to 12 year olds!
The Haunted House with its spooky theme is perfect for the Junior Level. Prior to the arrival of the Primary children, however, it gets converted into  a Monster Mash dance party.