Curriculum Matters: November 23, 2014



While it is cold outside, inside our mornings are calm and purposeful.  The children have already developed a real sense of community, belonging and independence.  When a younger child needs help s/he is more apt to seek out the help of an older friend before asking a teacher and all of our Extended Day children are proud and eager to help.


Children started the year in Geography with an overview of planet earth, learning the names of the continents and about some of the animals and famous places associated with them.  We are now focusing on North America- its countries and their flags.  The children are especially attracted to the animals of North America.


In Science we are furthering this study of animals by categorizing them as migrators, hibernators, or foragers, and learning about tracks and tracking.

Story writing is a much love activity in our classrooms. This story was written by one of our 4 year olds:

“Once upon a time in a little field there lived a little person that lived in a jar. She had no teeth and she never ate. She never grew up and she didn’t have a brother or a sister. She only had a baby. The baby was quiet. The baby was happy and the girl was happy too.”


The Primary children will all be connecting to the broader EAC community next Tuesday at our Harvest Feast.  Each child will be escorted to the ABR Center by their big buddy where they will dine together on food prepared by our school community. Children love buddy events and it is heartwarming to see these relationships evolve.


Our study of the Arctic Regions will begin on December 8th and continue until the winter break.