Curriculum Matters: November 3, 2013


Fiber Art

The Lions and Tigers in Junior Level are exploring texture, pattern and color through
the fiber arts.
Each student is working on their own small weaving on individual cardboard looms
while taking turns on a 2-harness and 4-harness loom to create 2 group weavings.


Upper Level

Each of the three levels is bringing a terrific amount of enthusiasm to their study
of Latin this year; their interest in the Roman culture and language makes teaching
them a pleasure.

The first-years have begun a packet that introduces them to Latin culture, including
mythology, history, and daily life, as well as certain aspects of the language like
numbers and names.

The second-years have continued in the Cambridge curriculum, reading and reviewing
vocabulary and important points of grammar, especially the ways in which Latin uses
endings to indicate how the words in a sentence fit together.

The third-years have begun a new textbook this year, Ecce Romani, which they will
continue to use once they move up to Middle School; they’ll have more responsibility
this year in terms of learning vocabulary and doing small homework assignments,
and they’ve responded well so far to that challenge. We’ve focused in these first
few weeks on certain differences in syntax between English and Latin, specifically
the use of articles and certain kinds of verbs.

Middle School

We have a new classroom this year for MS Latin, and both I and the students are
enjoying the new space! Our classroom time is divided into teacher-led discussion
and readings, group work, individual work, and finally (the students’ favorite!),
games designed to help strengthen their grasp of the material. As always, the students
impress me with their zeal
(studiumin Latin) and their abilities.

In these first few weeks, the first-years have reviewed the material they studied
in Ecce Romani last year, and now are beginning new material several chapters into
the textbook. We’ve focused so far on nouns, specifically what the various sets
of endings used in Latin indicate about their meanings; soon the students will begin
to memorize these endings, as well as learn more about the various forms of verbs
in Latin, as we continue to move through the narrative in the textbook.

The second-years have hit the ground running, with a review of the material covered
last year.  We’re wrapping up the grammar review and are now turning to vocabulary,
a very important aspect of learning any language.  The students have several new
tenses of verbs to learn, and two more noun-declensions, in the upcoming months;
I’m confident that they’ll meet the challenge with enthusiasm and success!

Although we don’t “officially” celebrate Halloween at EAC, we do get right into
the Halloween spirit.
Skeleton work:
More skeletons:
Halloween word list:
Scott, Deb and Laura’s class put on a puppet show for the Primary classes:
Upper Level welcomed all to their annual Halloween Carnival:
Too fun for words…
Waiting in line for the Haunted House.

The EAC Team for the Cancer Resource Center Walkathon
on Saturday, October 26th raised $1,998!!! Thank you everyone who donated money on behalf of the team,
and special thanks to those of you who went out in the cold weather and made it to the finish line!
Ester Soriano, mother of Andrea and Carla Martinez, organized the EAC Team again
this year. We extend our deepest appreciation to Esther as EAC staff were all at school
holding our annual Fall Open House.