Curriculum Matters: November 8, 2015

                        We are immersed in North America!
We have been enjoying and celebrating the autumn season. Pumpkins have been a big part of our classrooms recently. We have been singing the 5 little pumpkins song while the children act out the parts. Children have been making pumpkin decorations for their buddies. We also practiced hammering nails into  pumpkins.
We are also singing songs from indigenous cultures of northern United States and Canada.
We are learning about the animals of North America and what they do when winter comes. Many children are seeing what it’s like to be a foraging squirrel getting ready for winter. They hide acorns throughout the classroom then have the challenge of finding them all again.
Our science shelves are filled with animal explorations. Is this a vertebrate or an invertebrate? Does it have fur, feather or scales?Is it a hibernator, migrator or forager?
We are also exploring the parts of the skeleton and singing songs about the parts of the body.
All Primary children gathered in Liz and Sarah’s room to watch and listen to a video of the song Land of the Silver Birch.  The video beautifully illustrates the song with photographs and art and the children love  singing along.  It has become one of their favorite songs and they can be heard quietly singing it as they dress for recess or do their work.
 Our youngest students are thrilled to practice walking, running and freezing in our enormous gym space as they practice movement with their teachers.