Curriculum Matters: November 9, 2014

Upper Level

Upper Level scientists and historians have been busy!
First year geographers have been learning about research as a scientific process and have explored the composition of the earth. They are contemplating the cosmos and identifying the layers of the protective atmosphere that surrounds us.
First year historians, on the other hand, have learned about the importance of the human hand in our development as a species and are writing poems of gratitude in honor of this critical body part.

For our second year scholars the study of geography and history is integrated. They have been constructing an understanding of the building blocks of civilization and the impact of geography there-upon. They have examined how the contributions of each civilization led to the skills and knowledge of the next. (Big Game Hunters to foragers, farmers, traders and cities.)
Second year biologists, in the meantime, have revisited the attributes particular to organisms of each of the 5 Kingdoms and have moved on to creating imaginary organisms that might yet be discovered on this planet.
Third year geographers are continuing with their study of New York State. They are busy researching the two major Native American groups in the state – Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Algonquin.
 Third year historians researched life in the middle ages and presented skits depicting the lives of the royalty, clergy, craftspeople and peasants.  Now they are looking at the impact of the Crusades and learning about the three major monotheistic religions that connected during that time period.
Third year biologists, meanwhile, created 3-d models of cells from objects found around their homes.  Now they are busy creating skits, game shows, and board games to share what they have learned with their peers. What are the differences and similarities between plant, animal and prokaryotic cells?