Curriculum Matters: October 11, 2015

The 2015/16 school year is off to a great start! Our Primary classrooms have normalized especially quickly: children are happy , engaged and settled.
Children are working together and having fun learning the names of the Geometric Solids.  They are using the Mystery Bag to feel the shapes and name sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, square-based pyramid, and triangular-based prism before removing them from the bag.
Children are also focussing on the many steps of doing a work completely.
In Liz and Sarah’s classroom, the children are squeezing oranges into juice – yum!
Deliciousness aside, students have to first find the tray on the shelf, carry it to a table, squeeze the orange, pour the juice, enjoy the juice, get up from the table and tuck in the chair.
Then, they have to carry the tray to the sink, place the orange in the compost bin, wash and dry all the dishes, and finally,  prepare the work for the next person before returning  the tray to the shelf exactly where it was found.
Who knew so much could be learned from a glass of orange juice?
Children in Leah, Meridith, Donyan and Virginia’s afternoon classes also had yumminess when they each made their own individual apple pies! The whole school smelled divine as a result of this big work.
Everyone was excited to hear stories about EAC founder Andrea Riddle in preparation for Andrea Riddle Day. The prospect of meeting one’s buddy for the first time loomed large.