Curriculum Matters: October 18, 2015

Junior Level
A series of stories recounting the creation of the universe is the foundation of the Montessori elementary curriculum. Students hear these stories every year, internalizing in greater depth and detail as they age.
This “Cosmic Curriculum” serves to ground elementary children by giving them a sense of the universe and their place in it.
The subsequent study of galaxies and our solar system leads the child through a progression that culminates with exploring the timeline of life on earth and studying the different forms that life on earth takes.
   All kinds of follow-up work opportunities are offered to the children who use their growing imaginations to ponder the enormity of life. Students write creation stories, paint galaxies and conduct experiments as they ponder the “Great Lessons” recounted by their teachers during the first weeks of the school year.
In preparation for United Nations Day next week, Junior Level students have also been immersed in geography (land and water forms, maps, biomes), studies of different cultures and various kinds of flag work. At this time, children also delve into their first research experience of the year and eagerly create posters and reports to document their work.
Oh, and learning to sew with seamstress (and Afterschool Director) Cindy Rice has also been really exciting!!.