Curriculum Matters: October 26, 2014


United Nations Day
EAC students prepared for UN Day in myriad ways.
Middle School students spent an afternoon at the  United Nations last week while on their trip to NYC.
Upper Level students focused on the children of the world, discussing the discrepancies in people’s access to resources worldwide and how this impacts the lives children lead. Students were broken up into three groups representing children from industrial, transitional or developing countries. They then shared a meal and were given food in proportion to the resources of the type of country their were from. (This was modeled after The Oxfam Lunch Banquet.)
Junior Level children researched their countries of origin, and created posters, travel brochures and personal flags.
Primary children love flags and created drawings of flags from different countries.
Students school wide made miniature representations of themselves wearing patriotic colors. These “flag people” were then hung on our giant map of the world.

On Friday morning, we gathered as a whole school to learn about the work of the United Nations.

 Middle School shared a slide show of their trip to NYC.
Students from Upper and Junior Level made a presentation in Spanish about the Spanish speaking countries who are members of the UN. Everyone was impressed with the student’s Spanish prowess and pronunciation.
We then joined in song with Ryan, JP and special guest Cha Cha of Mosaic Foundation.
A wonderful day was had by all…