Curriculum Matters: September 18, 2016

Another great week at EAC!
Music Director Ryan Zawel
 serenades Primary students during recess.
Primary students are settling into the new school year, making friends and bursting with newly acquired knowledge!
Unless you’ve seen it unfold, it is hard to comprehend all the details that come together in these first days of school.
Primary students are systematically taught everything they need to know in order to be independent in their environments. Nothing is left to chance.
This careful attention to detail is what sets Montessori schools apart.
Aside from the details of daily living, students are exploring with classroom materials. They are engaging with math, language, geography, and science. There is beautiful art work being created and so many songs being sung.
Some talking points for Primary parents:
Air, land and water
Living and non-living
Life cycle of a butterfly
Primary colors
Parts of the apple