Curriculum Matters: September 2, 2014

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Meg Reilly, age 2.5, carrying lunch box into EAC.
Two things you can do to help the day start – and end – right!

We believe that children develop optimally if allowed to be independent, thus a Montessori education is designed to foster the independence of children.

Our Main Building was constructed with an entry place for parents that is separate from the classrooms. Parents leave their children in the foyer – boundaries are clearly marked by colored tape on the floor – and students begin their day either by walking alone to their classroom, or by taking the hand of an EAC adult who is available as support in the transition between parent and classroom. Although initially some children find the transition challenging, this discomfort usually only lasts for a very brief time. Parents can best support this process by projecting confidence in their child’s ability to handle the separation independently.

Children, even those as young as three years old, can care for their own belongings. This includes carrying a lunch box or backpack from the car into school. When allowed to proceed at their own pace, children can also hang up their own coats and put on their own shoes. For those who are not yet able to tie, there are always adults in the foyer ready to help. We ask that you allow your child to have this opportunity, with the understanding that most parents do not have endless time during the morning drop off. Feel free to leave after a quick goodbye, even if your child is not ready yet to enter the classroom. We will make sure they get whatever support might be necessary.

Children should also handle their own belongings during the afternoon pick-up time. They can change their own shoes and carry their own belongings to the car. (In Montessori-speak, we call this purposeful work.)

Feel free to call our office if ever a morning transition should leave you feeling unsettled. We are happy to check in with your child’s teacher to see how things are going so that you can continue your day without worry.


Meg Reilly, age 17, driving to work.