February 2, 2014

Thanks to all who attended our Winter’s Gathering in honor of those who donated to our capital campaign. It was a magically wonderful evening in our beautiful Andrea B. Riddle Center for Music, Movement and Art.
Scott, Deb and Laura’s Class
 We have arrived through our history studies of the solar system on our own precious planet earth.   Our explorations covered the layers of the earth, rocks, minerals and the importance of volcanoes…. 
We also started exploring how uniquely humans have kept track of time using clocks and calendars  from early man to the romans to the modern era.
In Science, we studied the first two kingdoms,Prokaryote and Protoctista,
through the use of a microscope. We identified the key role of the protist algae in making oxygen to sustain life and support the food chain.
For our exploration of North and South America, our class made dioramas of the biomes of North America.  We graphed temperatures of each biome in North America and studied the South American rainforest.
We enjoyed a classroom visit from Pablo Cohen who played music from Brazil and shared a slide show of the Cohen family’s year in Brazil. 








Dawn and Katri’s Class




Happy New Year!  It’s been a cold and creaky start to the new year with sniffly noses and school cancellations, but still each day we teachers are greeted by cheerful faces and generous hugs.


Our classroom is a cozy, busy place where so many things are happening each day.  Along with mathematical calculations, spelling lessons, story writing and LOTS of snack eating, we have been looking back


*    55 years ago, when a 9 year old, African-American boy named Ron McNair, stood up for his rights in a South Carolina library…

And back…


*    Possibly 40,000 years to when humans began to use representational art as a means to communicate…

And further back…


*    Maybe 200,000 years ago at the Fundamental Needs of the earliest humans and how these  basic human needs have not changed throughout time…

And even further back…


*    Around 540,000,000 years ago to the beginning of our Timeline of Life, when complex life first inhabited our Earth…

And even further…


*    4,500,000,000 years ago when our Earth was just beginning its journey around our sun.



These explorations continue to inspire us all and the children have been choosing ways to research, revisit and discover more about the stories that they find most exciting. This common history connects us all as we begin our trip together through the seasons of this new year of 2014.



Melani and Becky’s Class




The cold has kept the Junior Level children indoors for days. Working with Legos has been the focus of fun during indoor recess. We are anxiously waiting for the warmer winter days. Cabin fever abounds.


The children had a wonderful celebration day. All were proud to know that they had kept the coatroom clean for so many days. Thank you for all of the food donations. We had a lovely family style meal and everyone practiced restaurant manners.


Our classroom work cycles have lengthened and assigned work to complete has increased as well. Children are taking the expectations seriously, and are working independently. The oldest children are modeling for our youngest children.


 We have concluded our study of the Proterozoic Eon and are now beginning to look at the Phanerozoic Eon. The early Cambrian seas offer the opportunity to take a close look at microscopic cells. Leslie Ali shared her knowledge and helped the children to use the microscope to see very small creatures. It is exciting to have the Time Line of Life hanging on the classroom wall. The children are looking forward to beginning the work to study the life on earth, and to draw their own!


Focus of the study of our developing Earth, has shifted between Biomes and Political Geography. Children continue to color biome maps and to look at how ‘place’ influences the ongoing evolution of plants and animals. Maps often cover the floor, and the names of countries are practiced and memorized. Many children are practicing to find cities and places on a map using longitude and latitude and practice definition cards that define imaginary lines, and concepts humans use to navigate our planet.


Paintings and stories are coming together and the Bears are excited to begin illustrating and writing their very first book!  One child is writing about how our classroom bird escaped! We are glad our little mama was returned safely to the cage as she is now caring for three new chicks!


Winter work times are a thing to behold. Please come to observe and marvel at all of the concepts the children are learning.