Gary Weiss

Physical Education

Gary Weiss has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education, Adaptive Physical Education, and a Minor in coaching from Cortland University and Ithaca College. He has 11 years of experience teaching and coaching in Ithaca and the surrounding areas. He has coached a number of team sports including tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer, track and softball. He is currently involved in coaching track & field and cross-country for the Ithaca Youth Bureau. Gary is an avid bicyclist, swimmer, hiker and gym rat. Wood working and all aspects of construction are a part time passion as well (something that he has done for over 37 years). He has lived in Ithaca for 34 years with his wife Erica. His two grown daughters, Laurel and Hanna, reside in Florida and Ithaca respectively. Gary has been involved with the “Big Brother” organization for 22 years. Gary is currently a “Big Brother” to an 13 year old. The two have been together for one and a half years. Gary’s extended family also includes his dog, Rudy and his cat, Tango.