Healthy Snacks

Please note: We are a peanut free school and this year our main building is tree nut free as well.


The Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca dedicates itself to educating our children, staff and families in making healthy, sound nutritional food choices during the school day.  We encourage using whole grain products, and making low sugar and low fat choices for lunches, snacks and treats to share.

Full Day Primary, Extended Day, Junior Level, Upper Level, and Middle School children must bring a lunch, including beverage, in a lunch container.  Please include any necessary utensils.  In order to promote re-cycling, children will be required to carry back home all their remains from lunch in their lunch boxes.  We encourage parents to pack food in recyclable containers.

Please try to include a high quality protein and a fresh fruit and veggie in each lunch.  If you are looking for prepared lunches and snacks please scan the ingredients to be sure you don’t find sugar or fructose and enriched bleached white flour as the first few ingredients.  It is quite a surprise when you begin reading ingredient labels!  Candy, gum and soft drinks are not permitted.

What we consume really does impact the quality of the energy we bring to our work and it affects our emotional state as well.

We appreciate your attention to this important matter.


Snack / Lunch Suggestions

Bread and jam and fruit Whole grain cereal
Low sugar muffin (nut free) Whole wheat bagel and orange slices
Oatmeal and a plum Cornbread or muffin
Rice cake and a peach Tortilla and refried beans
Bread and cherry tomatoes Trail mix (nut free)
Waffle square and strawberries Ryvita and cream cheese
Graham crackers and a pear Cucumber, carrot and cottage cheese
Whole wheat raisin toast Rice cakes and cream cheese
Whole wheat pita bread and sun nut butter Cut up vegetables w/ ranch dressing
Hummus and pita or crackers Cheese sticks and celery
Mini-pancakes and applesauce Cottage cheese w/crushed pineapple
Nori (Seaweed) snack strips Tofu cubes and dipping sauce
Fresh mozzarella balls/olive oil/basil Hard-boiled eggs and veggies
Whole wheat bread sticks and cheese sticks Yogurt and fruit or granola (nut free)
Crackers and vegetable sticks Granola and a baked apple
Fresh or frozen berries and yogurt


If you are looking to replace tree-nuts as a protein source think seeds and beans!

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are excellent protein sources that do not trigger the tree-nut allergy. Of course nut butters for sandwiches are essential both sun-nut butter and soy-nut butter (made in tree-nut free facilities) can be found. And toasted sunflower seeds and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) make a great substitute for mixed nuts. Some other delicious foods that add crunch, like tree-nuts without triggering the allergy include: water chestnuts, crushed tortilla chips, crushed corn flakes, rice krispies, vegetable chips or croutons. Toasted and seasoned garbonzo beans also make an excellent crunchy, protein rich snack.

Many resources for working around this allergy exist on the internet.  Several links are included below to get you started.