Junior Level Conference Schedule

Conferences for Primary, Extended Day and Junior Level are scheduled for Tuesday November 5 and Thursday November 14. Please call (277-7335) or email (admin@eacmsi.org) the office to confirm your appointment. If you need to change your conference, you may contact another family in your child’s class to trade times. If you do change times, please call the office to notify us and confirm your new appointment time.

To make the most of our time together we ask that you take a moment to answer the questions in the attached Feedback form. Please return it to the office by October 24.

We will provide childcare during your conference time for EACMSI children only. We can only accommodate siblings who are enrolled at our school. Please contact the office to request childcare.

Thanks so much for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you.

Conference Schedule 19-20 – Mel and Sophia

Conference Schedule 19-20 – Deb and Becky

Conference Schedule 19-20 – Dawn and Katri

Parent feedback Conferences Fall 2019