Junior Level Specialty Curriculum June


Laura Ballard:

Bears began the term with an introduction to the weaving process creating large-scale circular weavings using hula hoops and old t-shirts cut into strips.

Tigers created weavings using old CDs as looms and learned patterns such as soumak. A variety of papermaking techniques were explored in the following unit. Students learned to mix secondary colors from primary colors of paper scraps, embed pictures and words cut out from magazines into their paper, as well as pressed leaves and flowers found on school grounds, and marbleize paper. All of their handmade paper was bound together in a small book as a final project.

Jeff deCastro:

Emphasizing the learning of techniques, we start with drawing skills and the goal of mastery of the medium as it applies to painting, sculpture, and printmaking.
 Bears create art through drawing exercises using pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, and watercolor. These develop into full fledged projects such as a texture drawing of an imaginary animal, the creation of a comic book, or printmaking of a snowflake.
Tigers begin with representational drawing of a still life, then birds, imaginary bird, and then other animals. In these representational works they learn value, composition, and begin looking at three dimensional objects.
Lions work on abstract painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Projects include a portrait head and a sculptural head, carving a small printmaking plate then printing, and drawing nth rede dimensional space.
Bears worked together as a group in several activities, motivating themselves through positive energy and teamwork! Games and fun assignments helped them with rhythms up to sixteenth notes, dynamics, instrument families, and musical form, which we even used the Chicken Dance to help us learn.
Tigers covered many aspects of music, including dynamics, musical form, rhythm, tempo, and different families of instruments and what they sound like. They also finished their year of recorder, learning the notes D, E, F#, G, A, B, and C, as well as the proper mechanics of posture and tonguing the instrument.
Lions had a wonderful time learning our songs for the concert! In addition to the work put into that they also took part in many activities and games to help them further learn the foundations of music – rhythm, tempo, note-reading, dynamics, form, and various orchestral instruments.
Physical Education

Comprehensive program that emphasizes participation in a wide variety of opportunities to improve social and cooperative skills and activities that develop overall physical fitness. Introducing sports skill development (throw, catch & kick) and awareness of sportsmanship. Activities include: Jump rope skills (practiced using individual and group routines). Cooperative games with the use of different equipment such as: rings, and challenging group games. Tag games, track & field (sprinting, pacing, hurdles, and movement), calisthenics, throwing techniques with different equipment, (practiced and incorporated into games), bean bags, basketball-skills and a variety of games.

Bears: The objectives established for this period was to converse. Bears students continued their path towards that end by mastering works introduced before, expanded their vocabulary through new works, games, exercises, songs, drills and, regularly exercised basic conversation skills.

Bears continued to explore the sound of letters in Spanish, as well as greetings and the description of feelings. They started to master how to read the calendar, describe the weather and the different seasons. In addition, they begin to master the use of the calendar to relate to their date of birth and age.

Tigers: In reading exercises and conversation drills, students begin to apply nomenclature to what they learned, with colors, numbers and shapes in short sentences. They began to build phrases with the Movable Alphabet that included basic concepts of grammar as well as the use of plurals.

In addition, Tigers begin to learn the use of opposite words: tall/short, big/small, dry/wet, etc. Through this process they strengthen concepts of grammar.  They began to read with teacher’s support.

JL Tigers concluded their academic year putting together a Picture Dictionary with more than 200 nouns. They also stared to read the book “Yo Puedo Leer” that combined all they have learned in the classroom, in short stories.

Lions: Vocabulary related to fruits, vegetables, familiar meals and drinks were introduced. Children learned to talk about what they like or dislike to eat or drink. During conversation exercises, they combined it all. These exercises included also basic concepts of grammar as well as the use of plurals.

They began to build phrases with the Movable Alphabet and use nomenclature they learned, combined with colors, quantity (numbers) and shapes to create longer phrases.  Through this process they strengthen concepts of grammar. They completed a comprehensive amount of writing/spelling assignments and began to flourish in their reading skills.