Laura Gottfried


Laura is responsible for providing moral, intellectual and educational leadership that creates and sustains educational programs of the highest order.  She is responsible for aligning current practice with the vision of Dr. Maria Montessori. Laura is accessible and responsive to all constituencies: students, staff, parents, and alumni. She is an innovative thinker who has been a guiding force in leading EAC to adapt Montessori pedagogy to meet the needs of 21st century students. Laura served as our Montessori Learning Support Specialist for 7 years, working with students experiencing challenges in the school setting; she has extensive experience in the field of learning disabilities, assessment and intervention. Laura spearheaded the development of the school’s Learning and Support Model. This model extends the parameters of the Montessori Method to ensure that all kinds of learners can be educated within a Montessori paradigm.  Laura began her Montessori life as a Primary teacher. She earned her certification in 1995 from CMTE at the College of New Rochelle and taught at the Primary Level for 7 years.  Laura then taught at the Junior Level for 3 years. She lives in Enfield with her husband and has 2 grown daughters. Laura loves Bikram Yoga, flowers and reading. She earned a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Vermont.