March 2, 2014

The Libraries at EAC are such wonderful vibrant places, filled with books at all reading levels: narratives, non-fiction, guides, joke books, craft books, and even a small selection of books on tape!

At least once a week, in our Main Building Library, students can found happily chatting with their peers. They discuss which books they have already read and what they might like to read in the future. These discussions are sometimes facilitated by one of the Junior Level Librarians, students in their final year of the Junior Level cycle. They are chosen by Patrice after a selection process which includes writing a letter of interest and teacher input. Each classroom has 2 librarians who serve a one term semester.


Junior Level Librarians prepare the Library for their classmates, working together to use the computer to scan in the returned books and put them back in their correct place so they can be chosen again.



Students sometimes choose to “test read” books that are new to the Library. This involves writing or dictating a book review to help other students determine if it is a book they would enjoy.




Librarians also help peers to select a “just right book”: challenging enough to strengthen their reading muscles, but not so difficult that it isn’t any fun to read.  Discussions about what someone’s favorite book is, what they have read recently that they loved, and what kinds of things they like to read about all lead to choosing the perfect book for next week’s reading.

Upper Level Librarians are just beginning the process of computerizing their library. They are scanning each book and entering the names of all of the Upper Level students so that everyone can check out books electronically. It will be very exciting to finally know exactly what books we have in the Library!

Upper Level is also about to pilot an Inter-Library Loan Program. The UL Librarians have worked with Patrice to create request forms, “your book has arrived” announcements, and a system to allow UL students to borrow books from the slightly more spacious, over 3,800 volume Main Building Library.   Once this program is up and running we hope to be able to turn the process around and allow JL students access to books from the UL Library!

The EAC Libraries have grown substantially in the past two years thanks to generous donations from students and families, as well as the proceeds earned from last year’s Scholastic Book Fair. This year’s Book Fair is fast approaching: the books arrive on March 6th and go on sale during the week of March 10th. Look for more details next week.