March 23, 2014



Students in Junior Level art have been exploring the many possibilities of creating with clay.
The Bears created clay rattles from a ball of clay that the students hollowed out and added small pieces of clay inside to make a musical instrument.
The Tigers created coil pots by layering “snakes” of clay on top of one another to create a vessel at least 5 inches high, although some of the children made pots that were much higher!
  The Lions formed textured slabs of clay into pots of varying shapes and sizes. All the groups are currently learning about the glazing process to glaze their clay pieces, as well as finishing their second clay assignment of creating a facial expression from clay.
Students in Extended Day art have been learning about Aboriginal Australian “dreamtime” stories that involve animals important to their culture. Students learned about the importance of “Wayamba the Turtle” and created their own turtle shaker using dot painting. We also learned about the rainbow serpent and created a crayon resist watercolor painting of our own snake inspired by traditional Aboriginal paintings.

First Year Upper Level students were introduced to the Southwestern Native American culture of the Hopi. They learned about the Hopi belief in Kachinas and the making of kachina dolls.  Each student then designed a personal “spirit” doll.  We are not copying kachina dolls but creating friendly spirits that represent all kinds of ideas and creatures (rabbits, angels, moustaches, love, celebration, etc.).  These sculptures are being made from wood which affords the opportunity to teach basic woodworking skills and techniques.  We are using saws, drills, rasps and files, clamps, vises and sandpaper.

Second Year Upper Level students are creating rod puppets for four shows that they are creating in their Language Arts classes.  They will be writing scripts for four ancient legends originating in India, Rome, Egypt and Babylonia.  The shows will be presented in June.  We are all very excited with the project.



  Third Year Upper Level students are creating large water color resist paintings of the ancient Chinese dragon.  They were introduced to the characteristics and origins of the Asian dragon and will be learning more about the customs and beliefs of the Chinese in their cultural studies.



The Middle School students have formed a wonderfully cooperative team of stained glass artists, working together to create the large tower window representing the summer season.  Almost everyone has completed a personal project.  The finished pieces make a beautiful display in the art room.