March 9, 2014

Donyan and Virginia’s Class
Our classroom is immersed in Australia this month! Children are learning about aboriginal culture: lots of art and music especially.
 So many interesting animals to study, and the Great Barrier Reef is home to so many wonderful creatures! We are singing many songs about them.
To the tune of Bingo: “There was an outback animal ____________and Dingo was his name-o, D-I-N-G-O,”etc…
Lots of exploring in the sensorial area too. Children are practicing
the names of shapes, and matching different tones with the Montessori Bells.
Liz and Sarah’s Primary and Extended Day
 We just completed our study of Asia, which was made more meaningful when several of our students and their families shared something that they enjoyed from the region.
  Kaori Blalok reminisced about growing up in Japan and doing origami with her friends. Kaori gave our students instruction on creating origami hearts for Valentine’s Day!
Karen Kim brought artifacts from South Korea.  They had a beautiful and traditional outfit that Nick wore when he was younger, Korean wedding dolls and a teacup.  We also read a few books and the class favorite was Bee-Bim Bop.  We then tasted Asian pear and it was sweet, juicy and delicious.

Qi Wang taught us about the art of calligraphy in Taiwan.  She used a bamboo brush with an ink block and gave a lesson on the Chinese language and the symbols.  She prepared sticky rice balls filled with sweet red bean paste.  All the children tried it and loved it.


Now on to Australia:  The younger children are learning the names of the unique animals from the area and the older children are doing research and learning about what makes the animals so amazing.  They are now familiar with what a marsupial is, learning about the Great Barrier Reef, and fascinated by the platypus.

We want to thank all of our families for your support and we wish you a happy coming of spring.  The change of time is always very challenging for the children.  Please help them adjust and get the sleep they need.

Most people associate the coming of spring with the returning of the birds and flowers.  In our classroom we associate it with the buzz in the environment.  We are seeing children take on new academic risks and experiencing personal breakthroughs.  There is a huge leap in comfort level and concentration.  We invite you to come and observe this magic.

Meridith and Leah’s Class

We had a great make-up pajama day! The children loved exchanging Valentines.

 We finished study of Asia with special art project from Japan called Chigiri-e. Thanks to Kaori Blalock for sharing this art form with us!

 We’re now studying Australia. We’re learning about the many fascinating animals that live there. It’s has been fun learning what marsupials and monotremes are! We are singing songs about the dingo and the kookaburra.

It is not an easy task to attach the koala to the eucalyptus tree!