May 4, 2014

Dawn and Katri’s Class
In preparation for our wildflower trip we have  been:
  • dissecting flowers
  • drawing leaves
  • researching flowers
  • measuring our 3 ft. tall amaryllis!
We have been studying the Paleozoic Eon and land and water forms.
Children have been reading, performing and writin g.
We’ve been on some field trips: plantations, cornell architecture quad.
And have some upcoming: Cargill fossil dig & Museum of Earth!
Melani and Becky’s Class
We have been studying the Mesozoic Era and children are engaged in research projects.
Lions are examining the history of a variety of fundamental human needs and comparing the changes by laying the card materials out on a BC/AD timeline.
Children have been using the Montessori Pin Maps.
Lots of Picturing Writing books are being 

Scott, Deb and Laura’s Class

In Geography we moved from Africa to Europe.  The Lions used maps and books to plan a travel itinerary and we learned how the Alps were formed.  We are now learning about our own 50 states.
In Science we have studied fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds.  We will finish our study of the animal kingdom by looking at mammals before going outside to examine and identify the divisions of plants.
A big ‘Thank you’ to Pete Browning and Viva Taqueria for a delicious lunch to launch our field trip.  The children enjoyed their trip to the Museum of Earth where we heard about glaciers and they saw our study of the Timeline unfold in a whole new way.