Melani Alexander Fuchs

Lower Elementary; New Staff Development; Movement Integration Specialist

Melani began her journey in the EAC community in 1984. She holds a B.S. in Physical Education from SUNY Cortland and created and implemented the first Physical Education program at the EAC Montessori School. She then took her Montessori Primary training in 1985 at NAMPTA in Boston, and completed her 6-9 training at CMTE/New Rochelle in 2000. Melani has completed initial training in Brain Gym® and is certified in Movement Based Learning. Melani shares her love of movement and collaborates with teachers to implement ongoing Movement lessons for the Primary and Junior Level classes. Melani co-authored Movement Matters, a Movement Album for Montessori Early Childhood Programs. She presents Movement Matters Workshops internationally as well as presenting at National Montessori Conferences. Melani enjoys playing the guitar and piano and singing with the children. She is an artist and brings experience and passion for watercolor to the classroom as well. Her background in music and theater support her commitment to the choreography and direction of the end of the year school musical. Melani’s two children, Tim and Annali, are alumni of EAC and have subsequently graduated with degrees in musical theater from SUNY Cortland. Melani lives out in the country with her husband, Tom, a professor of Physical Education at SUNY Cortland.