November 23, 2016

We are often asked by visitors what we do to create the atmosphere that permeates the school.  What is it that constitutes the EAC “special sauce?” We especially love to get this question from other educators because they know first hand how unusual a place ours is.
In answer, we smile and say, “yes, isn’t it wonderful?” As if it just happens effortlessly and we are the lucky beneficiaries.
In actuality our special sauce comes from a recipe, and a very specific recipe at that:
1. Every hire, every policy change, every program modification,
everything, is considered thoroughly and is measured against our barometer: will it benefit the children and/or will it help us meet our mission?
2. Relationships are the essential ingredient in an EAC education, they form the foundation for everything else that happens at school. We pay careful attention to our relationships because we know that healthy, productive relationships require care and nurturing – especially during the rough patches.
3. Montessorians believe that the true aim of education is the creation of human harmony so we hold firmly to our belief in the power of education to change the world.
4. We recognize our good fortune in being a part of an
intentional community in service of the future.
5. We understand that we are all in this together, all of us, and that only in togetherness will a better future be possible.
Although every ingredient is absolutely necessary, one superseeds all the others:  love, the force that surrounds and sanctifies our school. We lead with love, hearts open wide and welcoming.
We rely on our special sauce to rekindle our spark when times are tough. Sometimes the days are long or the conflicts seem too great. Sometimes the discord in the outside world feels insurmountable and it’s hard to muster conviction of purpose.

Fortunately, our special sauce has great power. It is so laden with goodness that even a heavy heart and wounded soul are led before too long towards the light of optimism once again.

After all, ours is a beautiful vocation, that of serving humankind.
On behalf of everyone at EAC, I wish you deep and heartfelt connections over this holiday break.